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An Intuitive Organization of your Data

  • Save all your files, video, pdf, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, folders around thematic Circles
  • Get access to information in one click from everywhere
  • Organize thousands of files in a simple way
  • Reduce duplicates and redundancies
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An easy all-in-one Teamwork Tool

  • Create team-based projects in the form of Circles
  • Makes communication’s traffic smoother
  • Decrease email charge management
  • Simplify all exchange of all type of data with one tool
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An accessible and simple personal IT infrastructure

  • Your own private database
  • Your own virtual dedicated server
  • Your secure IT environment as a Sandbox
  • Your professional automated infrastructure
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A Swiss quality Data Privacy Service

  • Data Privacy is Data secrecy in Switzerland
  • No “Patriot Act” like in the US. Only a judge can rescind Data secrecy
  • A Swiss high-tech Cloud with all data stocked and processed in Switzerland
  • Swiss legislation guarantees you the best protection for data storage
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Digital Packaging Experience

  • Publish multimedia Circles for the packaging
  • Create personalised QR codes
  • Get access to analytics
  • Modify and create your Digital Label
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One tool with many features: your digital Swiss-army knife

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